UGears Flower Mechanical Kit

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UGears Flower Mechanical Kit

UGears is a Ukrainian company that produces do-it-yourself, wooden model kits with moving parts using a patented plywood joint design.  No tools or glue required!

All UGears models come with step-by-step, full-color, truly easy to follow instructions. Step-by step video instructions are also available online.

One of the easier UGears projects, the Mechanical Flower contains 101 parts and takes an estimated 1.5-3 hours to complete.

  • Turning a ring at the base of the UGears Mechanical Flower opens and closes up the petals of the flower. When the petals open up, it reveals a graceful ballerina.
  • The Flowery Etui also acts as an excellent place where you can store small items, surprise presents, and even your jewelry.

  • The kit includes two stands of different shapes: the Ballerina; and a "Tree of Luck" for storing jewelry.