Pure Crystal Stemware

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Pure Crystal Stemware

Stunning Schott Zwiesel crystal stemware, suited to all types of wines and homes.

• Infused with titanium, proven to strengthen crystal and reduce breakage • Dishwasher Safe • Made in Germany.

Available options:

Pure Sauvignon Blanc, 13.8oz, 9.1" H x 3.3" W

Pure Beaujolais, 15.7oz, 8.7" H x 3.9" W

Pure Champagne Flute, 7.1oz, 9.9" H x 2.8" W

Pure Cabernet, 18.2oz, 9.6" H x 3.6" W

Pure Burgundy, 23.4oz, 9.2" H x 4.5" W