NYC Silhouette Skyline Wall Decor

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NYC Silhouette Skyline Wall Decor

New York City, NYC, the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps....there are so many ways to describe this city, which is not only the third largest on the American continent, but also the most populous, with more than 8 million inhabitants. Its five boroughs, ManhattanBrooklyn,  pQueens, the Bronx and Staten Island, include 1,700 parks and gardens covering a fifth of the city’s total surface area. More than 730 skyscrapers fill the skyline, including the Empire State Building, which has its own postcode. Every day, 13,200 taxis criss-cross the city’s streets, whilst the subway operates 24/7 across a vast network stretching 1,355 km. Times Square, one of the busiest, most visited places in the world, takes its name from the former headquarters of The New York Times. Around 365,000 people walk through it daily.


The Line depicted the New York City skyline as seen from the Jersey City waterfront.